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Addison Health Systems, Inc. (AHS) has been a national leader in the health care industry since 1985.
AHS is the developer of the WritePad Electronic Health Record (EHR) COMPLETE ONC-ATCB Government Certified system. With over 18,000 users daily generating more than 40 million patient notes per year our clients know that they are working with the best on the market. 
AHS is a client driven organization. We understand that our success is dictated by satisfied and referring clinics. This company was founded on the promise of providing health professionals the latest in electronic documentation technology while creating the structure for excellent customer support and service.
Addison Health Systems is located in the heart of Addison, Texas. Addison is one of the Dallas area's most popular destinations, located just 15 miles north of downtown Dallas. The Town of Addison is unique in the amenities and customer service it provides to Dallas area visitors. With more than 170 restaurants and 22 hotels, Addison offers abundant opportunities for lodging, dining and shopping, all within 4.3 square miles. Addison perfectly blends the diversity of a big city with the ambiance of a small town.
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