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"Greg Winterkamp, AHS CEO, has helped me make compliant Medicare workflow exams. Recently, I showed my notes to a Compliance Consultant who is a Certified Professional Code and a Medicare expert. He was floored at the quality of the reports and how compliant they were. When I chose WritePad EHR for my chiropractic software years ago, little did I know what a wise business decision it was. 


I can’t say enough about the tech support at Addison Health Systems, they are true professionals always helping with any issues that arise - issues that I hate to admit are mostly self-induced.  As I have added additional staff to my team and they needed to learn how to use the EHR, WritePad’s intuitive workflows made it easy for them to learn they system.  It is easily customizable to my style practice and flow. WritePad has taken my practice to the next level in this mandated electronic age of health records.  It allows me to do what I do best – doctor patients – and WritePad takes the hassles out of the paperwork.

Dr. Julie McLaughlin, DC  |  McLaughlin Chiropractic |  Lake Bluff, IL

“A summary of an interview of a recent Medicare audit.  They said “my notes are, concise, well detailed, complete and contained all the required information.  All I did was click the buttons, WritePad did everything else.


“My staff and I can only say good things about WritePad. Their support staff has always been helpful, polite and patient. Our patients really appreciate the automatic Appointment Reminder Texts and my staff love the ease of sending the Missed Appointment Texts. Like any new software, it took time to learn how to use WritePad efficiently. Being able to customize the notes to fit our needs is awesome, and investing the time upfront saves us lots of time during each hour of practice. Maybe best of all, for me, is knowing that the SOAP notes we keep on every patient are Medicare compliant.”

Dr. Gary McLeod, DC |  McLeod Chiropractic Center |  Three Rivers, MI

"We have a fairly unique office setting. We have two locations, and two doctors who travel between the locations daily. We love how WritePad matches our practice style. We did not have to change how we practice in order to incorporate the EHR system. We can customize it to our unique setting. It is easy and straight forward to use, and our notes are very polished and professional. We have received records from other doctors using different EHR systems, and their notes seem very wordy and cumbersome in comparison. We would highly recommend WritePad to any practitioner."

Dr. Kara Warren, DC | Spencer Chiropractic | Hudson, MI

"I have to say I am very thankful for Write Pad and their support staff.  I am not very computer literate so this type of thing usually scares me.  I must admit it has been way easier than I expected.  Very user friendly and easy to implement your own verbiage.  Also since I have been out of school for 30 years sometimes forget all those tests, so really appreciate that aspect of it as well.  The support staff is amazing and very friendly, even if you're like me an not very technical.  I recommend them highly."

Dr. Sam Symmank,DC |  Back & Body Chiropractic |  Frisco, TX

"I can't explain how much I love WritePad. It has freed up my schedule so much. Where I used to not be able to see my family because I'd be trying to catch up with all my paperwork, now I can go home and make supper and go out with friends. This system gives me back so much of my free time, you wouldn't believe."

Dr. Jodi Griffith, DC |  Toftness Chiropractic Clinic |  Cumberland, WI

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