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NEW WriteTouch Health Connect™ ATT/ DR Referral Portal
Tired of printing off patient notes and then either faxing or sending by courier to your referring attorneys?  
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Email for more info:

Invite your attorneys to sign up on your WP eComm portal, Signed up attorneys can send you secure email messages as well as request patient notes/records through ATT Portal tab​.


Doctors can only send to a specific attorney that has been invited and registered themselves on the portal.




Quick confirmation of receipt of documentation.

Search Feature

The attorney can look up doctors they have referred patients with and view received/sent emails.


Allow you to share professional looking/ organized reports with your attorneys and referring doctors while making it your own!


Electronically Signed Notes

Provides history of changes of the notes and addendums making them HIPPA compliant.


Ensures you don’t send incomplete notes that you change later to the attorney meaning less legal implications if pulled into court​.


100% Online Communication 

Easily/Securely respond to report requests saving you time and money.


​Decrease your labor, printing, mailing, hardware, etc. costs.


Secure Messaging Between Doctors & Attorneys


Grow your PI and referral practice by creating meaningful relationships with attorneys.


This increases opportunities​ for more patients, resulting in increased revenue!


​Download Notes/Records
Received notes/records on the WP eComm portal can be then downloaded to the atty’s local computer system for storage/printing.


How You Save Using The ATT/DR Referral Portal

DR/ATT Referral When PI (Personal Injury) Occurs

  • Ex: car accident, need an attorney

    • Doctors who deal with personal injury get paid more per case

    • Problem: must document well for court


Electronically signed off notes


Sending notes to attorney process with/without DR/ATT Portal:​​​

  • ​​Saved labor costs

-Have staff go into patient file, choose info wanted, print off

-Organize all the paper

  • Saved Material and equipment costs

-This costs paper, ink, toner, time, printer wear and tear

-Save equipment by buying hardware such as computers, printers, and scanners

  • Saved mail costs

-Then send it by currier for security

  • Saved communication costs

-Then make sure attorney received it

Revenue Potential

Did you know you can charge your attorney's for your notes/records?

States vary... Research your state.

Ie: In Texas, Attorneys Requesting your notes, you can charge approximately,


  • A basic retrieval or processing fee not to exceed $45.79 for first 10 pages of records; then,

  • $1.54 per page for pages 11-60

  • $0.76 per page for pages 61-400

  • $0.41 per page for any remaining pages

Plus actual cost of mail Electronic:

If the requested records are provided on a digital or other electronic medium and the requesting party requests delivery in a digital or electronic medium, including electronic mail:


  • a retrieval or processing fee, which may not exceed $82.95

  • the actual cost of mailing, shipping, or otherwise delivering the provided copies.

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