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WriteTouchHealth™ & the all-new 

Meaningful Use Communication Package 


Did you know that for 2016, unless this is your first year attesting, the reporting period is no longer 90 days - it is the entire year


AHS developed the all-new WriteTouchHealth™ Communications Package to help your practice easily meet Meaningful Use standards in 2016. 


Meaningful Use Objective 8, Measure 1  - Providers will be able to e-sign and upload clinical summaries for 50% or more of unique patients from WritePad™ into WriteTouchHealth™  patient online dashboard. 


Meaningful Use Objective 8, Measure 2 - Patients will be able to view clinical summaries & a copy of their online intake forms through access to a patient dashboard 


Meaningful Use Objective 9 - Providers may securely send intake forms to patients to be filled out prior to their appointment. Patients will have the ability to send intake information back to the provider, and information is auto-populated into WritePad™ workflows.  


Meaningful Use Objective 5 - Providers may securely send messages to / securely receive from other providers


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